3D Elements

3D Elements offers individual and customized 3D data solutions, primarily involving data of people and products. After two years of intensive research and work on the largest 3D photo studio project, we have developed and patented the optimal recording technology: our fully automatic 3D photo studio DAGUBERT.

What to expect from 3D Elements:

3D Solution Prozess

Data Generation

3D Elements gathers quick and reliable 3D data from people and products in high quality

Data Processing

The second step consists of 3D data digitalization:
Form – Texture – Measurement points

Data Application

The 3D Data are now available for your individual application

Areas of Application:

Our 3D digital solutions provide you with all necessarily 3D Data for your individual application area:

  • 3D Print and Research Centers
  • Virtual Reality
  • 3D Photo Studio
  • Product digitalization
  • Retail
  • Medical Technology
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Public Security
  • Individual 3D Data Solutions
  • Fashion

Not the right application area for you? No problem – we find your individual 3D digital solution and achieve optimal results, customized to your requests and objectives! Send Request