3D Elements process - the revolution of 3D Scanner

The gripping customer experience, from photo-taking to unpacking the 3D figure, is ensured by a sophisticated workflow.

The 3DE principle – the symbiosis of manual work and high-tech – creates 3D figures that are as unique as your customers. From the photo to the dispatch of the 3D figure, the system covers the complete process required for operation. The photo studio is flexible and modular. Thanks to its close partnership with a leading marketing and PR agency, 3D Elements concentrates not only on the technological aspect but also pursues a holistic, process and marketing-driven approach.


3D Workflow

From the photo in the 3D photo studio to the 3D figure


1. Photo
in the mobile 3D photo studio

2. 3D visualisation
of the photographed persons

3.Data preparation
for printing

4. 3D print
in the central printing studio

5. Finishing
Manual end processing & quality assurance of the 3D figures by means of individual check

6. Packaging
Highest transportation safety of the 3D figures thanks to branded special convoluted foam packaging

7. Shipping
of the 3D figures as a registered shipment via parcel service

8. 3D figure

received by customer

The advantages for you

Finely tuned operations ensure minimal processing times.

Produced in our 3D factory, all production stages take place in a controlled fashion and from one source. The small 3D figures are transferred to your customers well-packed. In our mobile 3D photo studio, we create tangible doubles in 3D.

Data & Print

We are happy to support you in data processing and professional 3D printing. Due to the large 3D printer capacities, our expertise and our many years of experience with professional 3D printers, all orders can be processed to a high standard.