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3D Photo Studio DAGUBERT

DAGUBERT is a fully automated 3D photo studio that provides customised 3D data solutions of humans and products. Over many years of intense research we have been able to develop and optimize our patented 3D Elements body scan technology: with its highly specialized cameras and its persistently updated software, DAGUBERT revolutionises the world of 3D scans. User-friendly handling and high mobility make DAGUBERT a flexible and versatile tool for universal usage.


A total number of 100 Machine Vision Cameras is integrated in the 3D photo studio DAGUBERT. Positioned in various angles of the photo studio, the cameras take pictures simultaneously from all perspectives. As a result, a total resolution of 1 gigapixel (10 megapixels per camera) guarantees an exceptional outcome.


Through the Vision Machine Cameras and the special geometry of the photo studio, the final outcome shows a resolution of 0.5mm per pixel. Shoots in an interval of nanoseconds and specially developed algorithms ensure optimal results even when the object is moving. Our patented IR-Technology makes the single shoots to mesh with each other, resulting in a homogenous 3D-data set. These precise measurements of the object can then be used as a basis for a wide range of application.

3D product photography

Let your customers experience online shopping in a whole new dimension – with 3D Elements’ brand-new system for 3D product photography. By adding this new feature to your web shop, customers can view your products from any perspective. Details such as fabric or colour are presented more true-to-life than ever before. Available now to boost your web shop!


Red Bull goes 3D

DAGUBERT at Hangar-7

In a cooperation with RedBull the 3D photo studio DAGUBERT was exhibited last August at the RedBull Hangar-7 in Salzburg. DAGUBERT attracted record numbers of visitors: Within 11 days, more than 2100 visitors tested the 3D photo studio and took 3D body scans of themselves. On busy days, more than 200 visitors used DAGUBERT, averaging a shoot every two minutes. In total, more than 2 terrabyte of 3D-data was generated during this exhibition.

Multiply patented prototype DAGUBERT now available

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