3D Photo Studio

DAGUBERT is a fully automated 3D photo studio that provides customised 3D data solutions of humans and products. Over many years of intense research we have been able to develop and optimize our patented 3D Elements body scan technology: with its highly specialized cameras and its persistently updated software, DAGUBERT revolutionises the world of 3D scans. User-friendly handling and high mobility make DAGUBERT a flexible and versatile tool for universal usage.

Explore 3D Studio

Your Advantages

  • Mobile and universal usage
  • User-friendly handling
  • Patented 3D technology
  • Finest Vision Machine Camera technology
  • Highest data quality
  • Reduced process time
  • Resilient and predictable
  • Reduced post-processing
  • No professional knowhow needed

Technical data & product details

  • Cameras
    • Type: Machine Vision Camera
    • Quantity: 100
    • Position: ring-shaped matrix, alternating angles
  • Lighting
    • Type: Area Lighting
    • Quantity: 10
    • Position: ring-shaped, top and floor lighting
  • Projection
    • Type: riggered random sample-taking
    • Advantage: GPFS – Grid Projection Flash System for capturing dark surfaces
  • Software
    • PC and management software included
    • Automated data transfer to 3D Elements data base
    • Client software with SQL data base and link to webshop
    • Remote access
    • Touch screen
  • Others
    • Set-up time: approx. 1,5 hours, 2 people
    • Material: pre-assembled pliable wood elements, plug system
    • Interior cladding: light grey, matt surface finish on the inside, diffuse light reflection
  • Requirements
    • Space: At least 7.8 m2 floor space required
    • Schuko connection (mains socket, 16A): 1
    • Permanent internet connection: at least 5Mbit Upstream

Add On’s & Delivery Options

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Touch Panel
  • all information at first sight
  • individual design
  • intuitive user guidance
  • complete information at first sight
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Sound System
  • audio file included
  • personalised announcement possible
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Individual Branding
  • product information
  • individual branding
  • unlimited design options
  • transports your messages and identity
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  • attracts a great deal of attention
  • promotion and product videos included
  • individual design and integration of own videos
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  • perfectly integrated
  • professional presentation
  • space for 8 figurines
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Sale desk
  • variable
  • modular placement
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  • full service: experienced graphic designers are creating your individual designs