Who we are

3D Elements is an Austrian start-up company that develops and produces 3D business solutions. In many years of research and with an investment sum of more than 1 million Euros, DAGUBERT, the fully automised 3D photo studio revolutionised the 3D body scan market. In addition, 3D Elements creates business applications for 3D data in cooperation with partners from areas such as trade, IT and industry.

What we do

3D Elements combines product and consumer data providing personalized products at standard prices.

We streamline e-commerce and visualize the fitting of products using new applications.

We collect the largest 3D database of human beings.

What is Photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry reconstructs the surface in 3D with help of digital photos. Through measurement, the most important points of the object are generated and registered into a three-dimensional coordinate system. By connecting the dots, a 3D model will be created. We work closely with the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), the Austrian Institute of Technology and various universities and research institutes.

What we stand for


As a start-up company, we guarantee for 100% in-house professional knowledge in 3D technology.


We only sell products with hardware and software of highest quality.

Flexibility & Service

We support our clients from the very start and help them realizing their individual 3D business project.

Research & Innovation

We are constantly working to optimize our 3D technology in order to provide our clients with the market’s best 3D business solutions.

Be part of the future

We are inviting interested investors to promote the market launch of 3D Elements and enhance its growth. Besides the necessary financial resources, 3D Elements is looking for investors who can help strengthening strategically important fields, such as retail, fashion, 3D applications and information technology.

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